Frequently Asked Questions

Examples of Ticket Sales

Selling with Ticket Magician vs On Your Own

We optimize every ticket sale by managing the price and sales point on over 10 ticket marketplaces. Each marketplace charges their own fees, so we keep our cost low. By selling your tickets at the best price you have the greatest chance at the highest selling price. And you save a lot of time.

$50 Ticket Sale

  • Ticket Gross $50
  • Sold on Your Own $45
  • Sold Through Ticket Magician $42.5
  • Difference in Sell $2.50

$100 Ticket Sale

  • Ticket Gross $100
  • Sold on Your Own $90
  • Sold Through Ticket Magician $85
  • Difference in Sell $5

$200 Ticket Sale

  • Ticket Gross $200
  • Sold on Your Own $180
  • Sold Through Ticket Magician $170
  • Difference in Sell $10

$300 Ticket Sale

  • Ticket Gross $300
  • Sold on Your Own $270
  • Sold Through Ticket Magician $255
  • Difference in Sell $15


How do I get paid?
You can choose to be paid digitally via PayPal or Venmo, or in physical check.
When do I get paid?
Payment is initiated within 7-10 days of the sale of your ticket(s). Payment methods vary depending on delivery, whether digital or via check.
What do you charge to sell my ticket for me?

The cost of selling your tickets is 20% of the gross sale price, which we will automatically deduct from your payment after the ticket sells. This covers 3rd party fees from the marketplace where your ticket is sold, and our sales service.

See our sales chart (above) for a detailed look at what you can expect.

What is the benefit of commissioning you to do what I could do myself?
Honestly, because we’re awesome at this! By leveraging our enterprise ticket software solutions, we maximize the distribution of your tickets across a dozen marketplaces and keep the price competitive with our automatic pricing solution. Why sacrifice hours of your time to monitor listings on several sites when you could just have us do it?


If I call you, will I speak to a live person?
Yes! We are available Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm Eastern Time to give you expert advice on your seats.
Is your chat function a real person, or just a computer program?
Yes! When you use our chat you are speaking to a real person on our Ticket Magician team.


What if I give you my ticket and then you can't find a buyer?
We list tickets on over 10 different platforms and monitor them constantly to maximize sales and profits. If we can’t sell your ticket, no one can. If your ticket does not sell then you keep the ticket. We only charge for tickets we are able to sell.
How often do you update the listings?
We monitor the pricing of your ticket every 30 minutes 24 hours a day. This is done to make sure your pricing is competitive with the existing market, ensuring maximum exposure.
When is it too late to sell through The Ticket Magician?
One hour before an event starts is typically the cutoff. However, due to our capabilities we are able to list and sell certain events past the start time. Ask us for details.
Can I buy tickets through The Ticket Magician?
Our service is focused on assisting people in selling their tickets.


Can I sell tickets to more than one event simultaneously?
Of course. Inquire with us and we can help with multiple dates and events.
So do I have to mail you my ticket? What if it gets lost in the mail?
If you have a physical ticket vs. a digital ticket then you will need to mail it to us. We will have the FedEx label insured, to make sure everyone is covered in case of a mailing problem.
I don't know how to transfer a mobile ticket. Can you give me step-by-step instructions?
Yes! Give us a call and a member of the Magic Team will walk you through it live.
I'm not comfortable transferring my ticket to you. How do I know this is safe?
We’ve been doing this for years, helping out friends and acquaintances who were in a bind, and building our network and our expertise in the process.
How can I sell tickets for just one game out of a season ticket package?
It’s simple! Just tell us which games you want to sell, and we will walk you through the steps to transfer only those tickets to us.
My ticket includes a parking pass and food voucher. Will you include that in the listing?
Absolutely! Be sure to tell us of any special perks included with your tickets.


How will you protect my privacy and personal information?
We promise not to sell your info to any third party. We have security safeguards to protect all customer information submitted to our website.